• The National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference: Here’s a handout I made for the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference for a workshop called Dig It: Writing in School Gardens. In the workshop, we will review the parallels between industrial agriculture and industrial education, we will discuss permaculture as a solution for both, we will share ideas about how our understanding of gardening can help us teach writing, and we will engaged in a writing workshop that helps us practice ecological community literacies. Here are the slides.
    • The writing prompts are intended to help writers experience ecopoetic aesthetics by getting writers to use all of their senses to generate material.
    • The activity is intended to help teachers experience writing as a recursive process that, like gardening, can be unpredictable.
    • My hope is that this workshop gives teachers more confidence about teaching writing, so they can enjoy writing and enjoy teaching writing and so they will give their students more opportunities to practice writing as a creative and often messy process.

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