Here is the syllabus for a class I taught in the fall of 2016. Unity College students ran writing workshops in the school garden of a nearby school: The Troy Central School. At the end of the semester, the Troy students, teachers, parents, and administrators had a meal and Unity College and then a tour of the campus, including a visit to the climbing wall, the coral lab, and the barn. Our goal was for all participants to learn more about their neighbors, so Unity students would feel more connected to the community and learned about how they could participate and so Troy students might begin to see themselves as college students. In addition, through collaborative poetry writing and cooking, we learned about our connections and we learned what we can do together. The final meal–comprised of potatoes from the Troy School dig by the second grade students; butter churned by the second grade students; chili made of local meat, local beans, and local vegetables cooked by Unity students and teacher; local cheese and sour cream; and apple crisp made of local apples, local maple syrup, and local grains baked by Unity College students and teachers–was a celebration of community connections, community writing, and food literacy.