I mentioned something to Sara Trunzo— a Unity College graduate who started and until recently ran Veggies for All, a hunger relief project that teaches farming to people in prison and donates the harvest to food pantries–something about wanting to collaborate about something. I don’t remember what, but she directed me to the Maine School Garden Network. In October 2015, I went to their conference, which may be how I started to think about writing projects in school gardens. That winter, I stopped at hello hello books in Rockland, and Jacob Fricke, former poet lauraete of Belfast, ME and current bookseller, asked me what I was working on. I mentioned my ideas about writing and school gardens, and Jacob introduced me to Mark Melnicove. Last fall, Mark and I collaborated on a panel for the Maine Farm to School Conference, and this March we will present our ideas about teaching for joy and wellness at the Maine Council for English Language Arts Conference. In these ways, like foxfire-we build connections.

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